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Malta – 2021 was a turbulent yet significant year for cryptocurrencies. Prices of some crypto coins surged 5,000-7,000%, giving investors returns seldom seen before. But even Bitcoin wasn’t immune from volatile behavior. Prices fell sharply by more than 50% in May-June when Elon Musk tweeted his concerns about the impact on the environment, and China cracked down on crypto trading.

Today, Sonar has announced the launch of its Sonar Platform Beta and the beginning of its “Build-in-Public” phase. Destined to become a central hub for market analysis, project tracking, asset management, education, and news for all crypto users, Sonar has built a combination of Crunchbase and Muck Rack for crypto projects.

And AI technology helps investors make the right decisions by providing predictive analytics, sentiment and growth analysis, smart-contract safety, news aggregation, and more.

Sonar Platform Beta consists of two parts.

Token Studio is designed to mimic the natural way experienced investors conduct their research and analysis, only instead of having to deal with all the associated preparation and resource juggling, everything from checking prices to diving deep into trends and analytics can be done together in one clean, comprehensive and streamlined application.

The studio offers real insights in four areas: Overview, Highlights, Vitals, and Explorer.

Overview is where users can understand what a project is all about. With a comprehensive summary of its use case, fundamentals and history, and portals to all of its communities and social media, it acts as the jumping-off point for further research.

Highlights deals in the project’s current financial and social state. It’s the part of the application that provides users with real-time feedback on everything from essentials like Market Cap, Volume, and Holders, through AI-powered scores on sentiment and price performance, to personal reports on our interactions with the project’s cryptocurrency; Our buys, our sells, profits, losses, current and past positions, and more.

Vitals is the pulse of a project. It’s a trailing line through time. Everything here is displayed in the form of a chart, and for a good reason. This section shows us the perspective of the performance historically and how it has been affected by various influences, like noteworthy events, hitting specific milestones, and general news coverage.

Explorer. The section tells users about the influences and events that drive a project forward. These can be small, like individual transactions, and very large, like significant news outlets releasing articles and everything in between. If it moves the project in any meaningful way, chances are you’ll find it here.

Each section contains many different tools and indicators, each with additional elements that users can expand to peer even deeper into a prospective investment’s inner workings. Resources that would typically take days or even weeks to compile, organize and parse for the most critical information have been distilled into a simple interface with unprecedented power under the hood.

NewsRoom provides written sections consisting of short explanations of the current broader market conditions followed up by AI-generated summaries of the most important news from the day, quickly informing you of essential points and saving you time.

Users will find indicators for the most active projects and trending market sectors like NFTs, Metaverse, Utility, etc., immediately followed by the most crucial section of the application – a personalized news curator.

In this section, under separate tabs for different topics, Sonar users will discover a wide range of quality articles sourced from the most reputable publications reporting on crypto. Articles are updated as quickly as they are released, so users stay updated entirely on what’s most important. If their wallet is connected, their feed will always include the latest news related to their holdings.

“If we take a step back and take a look at the vastness of this industry, the speed at which new users flock to it, and the far-reaching implications of its tech, it is obvious to see that a revolution in communication, finance, and access to tools that will empower people to live better, more productive lives, are all in the cards,” Jacob Camilleri, CEO, and co-founder at Sonar said. “This is what we’re here for, and we’re just getting started. The roadmap ahead will provide even more insights from real-time data to help everyone, at every level, benefit from cryptocurrencies.”

Releases will come with a variety of supporting materials like articles and videos as well as carefully curated educational content to help improve crypto literacy. As PING holders, users will be able to access these tools before anyone else, as well as report bugs and offer suggestions right from within the platform.

This is our “Build-in-Public” approach. Its main purpose is to grow our product gradually and sustainably while keeping our investors intimately involved in its evolution. This model will define how we do everything from now on.

About Sonar

Sonar Platform is a holistic suite of cryptocurrency analytics tools for investors of all experience levels. Sonar is finally bringing all relevant data and crucial tools you need to do your own research (DYOR) under a single comprehensive solution. It believes that your ability to make good investment decisions shouldn’t require you to waste precious time digging into contracts or Reddit and countless social channels. So Sonar designed a new breed of software to streamline your crypto workflow and keep you sane throughout your journey.

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