ZT Exchange’s Official Entry in the North American Market with Its Establishment of the

Toronto, Canada, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZT Exchange, a famous cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced the establishment of a branch office in Toronto Canada, officially expanding its cryptocurrency trading and commercial services into the North American market. In March, 2021, ZT Exchange announced the establishment of a multi-party resource system together with SoftBank Group and excellent industry builders such as Cabin VC, Candaq, Dealean, etc., to improve the Zenith Smart Chain ecological governance mechanism and primary and secondary market business structure. ZT Exchange has established operation centers in many countries and regions around the world. The establishment of the Canadian branch marks a further step in its global layout. 

ZT Exchange’s Official Entry in the North American Market with Its Establishment of the Canadian Branch

In addition to Canada branch, ZT Exchange has established service centers in many countries and regions around the world and has a global professional operation team. It is committed to providing clients with 7*24 hours of service and providing one-stop client service process management, explaining blockchain and digital assets for clients in detail, and conducting real-time tracking management of the whole process from client consultation to client request solution. With close links and effective work flow, it can quickly respond to and handle every request of clients, and improve efficiency and client satisfaction.

ZT Exchange has always been focusing on the global market, and is committed to becoming a preacher covering the global blockchain, leading more blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts to create their own value in this digital economy era. As for why Canada was chosen as a position to enter the North American market, Richard Li, the CEO of ZT Exchange Canada explained that since 2021, the weekly net inflow of investors to the North American market has increased by more than 7,000 times compared with that of the beginning of the year. The sudden influx of investors into North America has driven a shift in digital currency trading, rebalancing the distribution of assets across exchanges and platforms.

Users in North America can now conduct digital currency transactions through ZT Exchange Canada. Richard said that another important role of ZT Exchange Canada is to discover and invest in excellent blockchain projects in North America and provide them with all-round assistance and incubation. In this way, the overall ecology of ZT platform can be more prosperous, and it can also allow users to access more excellent projects.

ZT Exchange is still making efforts on its international expansion. The company is currently in negotiation with relevant government agencies in many countries to discuss the development of digital currency trading and exchange business. ZT officials stated that they aim to open multiple global operation centers and branches in 20 countries by the end of the year. At present, ZT Exchange provides the most secure and reliable high-quality digital asset trading and derivatives services to millions of users in more than 158 countries and regions around the world.

ZT Exchange creates a safe and convenient trading platform with top blockchain technology and rigorous regulatory system to provide comprehensive, complete, multi-level and multi-dimensional one-stop digital asset trading services for clients. It aims to become an industry model.

About ZT Exchange

ZT Exchange, founded in 2018, is affiliated to ZT Global and is an independently operated digital asset trading service provider. ZT Exchange is committed to promoting and developing digital asset management services related to the digitization of assets based on the global digital asset trading business. At present, the ZT Exchange platform ranks in the TOP 20 in the global comprehensive ranking.

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