Top 10 Cryptocurrency Price Prediction and Analysis for 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

December 22, 2021


The cryptocurrency market has changed and 2022 will present many more opportunities for the industry.

We have been witnessing massive changes in the cryptocurrency market over the past decade. Bitcoin went from being an interesting experiment for a mainstream investor portfolio mainstay to a new asset class and digital gold. Its technology has transformed the medium and is changing every industry it touches. Coming to the condition of the crypto market in 2021, both BTC and Ether shot higher, followed by thousands of altcoins getting their first taste of mainstream success. Even though it has been a rocky road with lots of bumps, the general market trend has always pointed upward. Crypto price prediction by experts has helped market enthusiasts understand the growth potential of major cryptocurrencies and invest accordingly. In this article, we have listed the top cryptocurrency analysis and predictions for 2022.



Several factors support higher Bitcoin prices, including greater acceptance by businesses and increasing demand from Bitcoin ETFs. Market analysts predict that Bitcoin has the capacity of hitting US$100,000 by the end of 2023, but several others say that BTC can hit the mark within Q1 2022. Others are hesitant to choose a specific date or year and expect Bitcoin to not reach more than US$70,000 by the end of 2022.



Ethereum generated substantial momentum throughout 2021, but more important to this phenomenon is how its price value jumped after the ETH 2.0 upgrade was declared to be launched. This upgrade project is expected to be continued in 2022 as well, which experts believe is one of the major factors that will lead to an ETH price surge next year. Several forecast specialists predict that its price could rise more than US$6,000 by the end of 2022.


Binance Coin

Numerous factors make Binance popular today, and one of the most significant is that it holds 1 billion trading volumes daily. Volatility is a major trait of cryptocurrencies, and BNB is not an exception to it. Even though the crypto has consistently maintained its position as the third-largest cryptocurrency, the prices might still dive. Nonetheless, experts predict that Binance can cross the US$1000 mark by the end of 2022.



Solana coin price started rising only back in February when the whole crypto market was mooning. Unlike other cryptos, SOL did not feel the crash in late spring as strongly as ETH and BTC. After a rather slow surging in June and July, its value broke through in mid-August and continued to rise until mid-September. By 2022, experts have forecasted that SOL price might become more stable and reach the range of US$300 and go as far as US$400.



As per the technical analysis of DOGE prediction, the crypto might remain in the baggage of volatility, so Dogecoin traders have to keep a close eye on their investments. Last year, as analysts were predicting the reason behind DOGE’s sudden rise, they concluded that DOGE is a worthy long-term investment. As for 2022, the crypto is estimated to cross US$0.27 by the end of this year and reach US$0.3 towards the beginning of 2022.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s price dynamics have been going crazy this year. SHIB skyrocketed in May within a very short period, but its success wore out as DOGE took over its position again. But since June, crypto started making headlines again. Keeping up with the momentum, SHIB is expected to reach US$0.0000769821 by June 2022, and reach US$0.0000826739 by the end of the year.



In its initial phase, LUNA did not see much acceptability with the masses, but it took time to build that trust and work towards. By the end of 2021, Terra is seeing great acceptability among the investors as it has made its way to the top ten cryptos of the market. There is a chance that the average price of LUNA might cross the US$105.3 mark by 2022, with a maximum price value of more than US$120.15.



AVAX technical analysis and price prediction reveal that in 2022 the crypto might cross an average of US$130 mark. But market sentiments might digress from its general course in the future and the price value might dive. Considering there are no sudden jolts in the market, AVAX will be all-set to establish itself as a strong contender against all the major cryptos.



Many market analysts believe that Cardano is a credible threat to Ethereum after witnessing its growth in 2021. The ADA token is up around 600% from year-to-date. By 2022, its average price is expected to cross the US$2.00 during the first quarter of 2022 and climb up to US$3.00.



Based on previous predictions and technical analysis, DOT prices may come up as its creators are developing their own blockchain platform transitioning itself from Ethereum base, the reason why DOT might get enlisted in the major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, taking DOT prices up to US$60.00.

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