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2022’s Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms & Crypto Exchanges

Crypto trading platforms are digital marketplaces, kind of like Walmart and Target, where you exchange money to get anything you need. But on Crypto trading platforms, you trade one digital money, a.k.a. cryptocurrency, for another to make a profit. It is a lot like foreign exchange, where people buy for or against the market.

Many people use this trading concept to hedge their funds against inflation by saving or investing in a cryptocurrency. Some investors are just there to buy or sell for profit. This means crypto trading is fast becoming a sustainable income for crypto lovers. Others bet for or against the market and gain profit from their accurate predictions. Whatever the motive, crypto trading is a huge business for many people, and we know you are eager to get in on all that action.

So, this leads us to one of the most confusing questions in the crypto industry. How can you tell the best trading platforms to use?

After much research, we have compiled a list of the five best crypto trading platforms you can use, especially if you are a beginner.

Top 5 Best Crypto Trading Platforms In 2021

  1. Crypto.com – Overall Best Crypto Trading Platform For Beginners
  2. BlockFi – Leading Crypto Exchanges
  3. eToro – Best For Bitcoin Trading 
  4. Coinmama – Crypto Exchange To Earn Interest 
  5. Binance – Best For Fast & Secure Crypto Transactions

With the following information, we hope you will make an informed decision on the best crypto trading platform.

#1. Crypto.com – Overall Best Crypto Trading Platform For Beginners



Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or, and Bobby Bao established Monaco Advances GmbH in June 2016. With its central station in Hong Kong, Crypto.com has risen as one of the foremost well-known cryptocurrency exchanging stages. It is a middle-person token that can be utilized to change over cryptocurrency into fiat cash at a decreased rate. It is currently positioned 22nd within the cryptocurrency showcase, with a showcase cap of $19 billion. This stage permits clients to purchase, offer, and exchange over 200 diverse cryptocurrencies. This trade acknowledges progressed arrange sorts, prospects contracts, and other cryptocurrency items like NFTs. It too gives cryptocurrency rewards, credit cards, staking, and the crypto.org Chain, a blockchain ecosystem. By staking CRO, clients can gain token rewards for particular postings on the Crypto.com app. Users can win up to a 12% yearly rate of return on their crypto.com coins by staking them on either


  • There are more than 200 cryptocurrencies to select from.
  • NFTs can be obtained with credit cards or a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Digital materials are simple to use. Spot exchanging, prospects exchanging, and complex arrange sorts are all supported.
  • This may be a valuable versatile app that iOS clients proceed to enjoy.


  • If you do not have and utilize CRO coins, your expenses will be greater.
  • It is more reasonable for experienced dealers than for modern investors. Customer benefit is atrocious.
  • It can be challenging to handle marked-down exchange fees.


  • Clients can choose from over 200 cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat monetary standards at Crypto.com, which is conceivably the most noteworthy area to purchase altcoins.
  • This location permits clients to exchange cryptocurrencies in minutes instead of days or weeks.
  • When compared to normal installment processors, shoppers can spare up to 80% on expenses by settling in crypto.com.
  • A secure and helpful one-stop shop for obtaining, offering, putting away, sending, and following cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto.com offers client care through an offer assistance site, e-mail, and live chat.
  • To make your buying involvement more helpful, Crypto.com offers a versatile application.
  • It is exceptionally basic to download and is available for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • To secure your resource within the occasion of robbery, get security measures like two-factor authentication (2FA) and cash insurance.
  • To confirm your personalities, you will be asked to yield Know Your Customer (KYC) data such as your title, contact data, and social security number after you interface your US

= Click here to visit the official website of Crypto.com

#2. BlockFi – Leading Crypto Exchanges



One of the highest interest-yielding crypto trading platforms & best cryptocurrency exchanges on the market is BlockFi. It offers over 8% interest on your cryptocurrencies annually, which beats most of the best savings platforms. Besides that, BlockFi allows you to borrow against your coins if you need ready cash. So, instead of liquidating your assets or selling off your coins, you can simply take a loan from the platform. Cool, right?

Established by Zae Prime and Float Marque in 2017, the vision of this platform was to give credit and banking quality administrations to business sectors with zero admittance to an investment account.

BlockFi makes it possible to automate your exchanges, which makes their service easy to engage. The platform also gives you a 7.5% premium for simply keeping crypto in your record. You are qualified for a regularly scheduled installment accumulated when your crypto remains in your record. Over time, they gather a small exchange charge from your profits.

If you are in an emergency and need to auction your cryptocurrencies for cash, you can do so easily. But, BlockFi also allows you to get a loan in USD by using 50% of your coins as collateral. It means that if you can return the loan within the stipulated time frame, you will be given back your assets.

BlockFi trades with only a few popular cryptocurrencies, so be sure your exchange currency is available on their platform before making your decision. The coins include Ethereum, Gemini Dollar, U.S. Dollar (USDT), Stable Coin (USDC), The Gemini, Bitcoin pax gold, Dollar (GUDS), etc.

Lastly, using the BlockFi Visa Credit Card can earn you some fantastic rewards. It can give you up to 1.5% interest in Bitcoin on all purchases you make with the card. Plus, there are no annual charges.


  • Readily available for users across the globe
  • No commission charges on transactions
  • Simple interface
  • High-interest rates
  • Bonus and perks for using their features
  • Unlimited account size
  • $5 worth of free Bitcoin


  • Limited coins available
  • Currently under some states’ security scrutiny
  • Limited free withdrawals


Internationally Acknowledged: BlockFi is a globally recognized platform for crypto trading. It operates anywhere that has no embargo on crypto trading activities.

Offers Loans: You can take a loan against your holdings rather than sell off your digital assets. This feature is available to both individuals and business entities.

Available as an App: The BlockFi app is viable with Android and iOS gadgets. So, you can efficiently operate it with just one touch, rather than going to their website.

Offers Lots of Perks: It offers a lot of perks for using its trading platform. For instance, they are currently offering $250 for every $25 investment you deposit and maintain over a specified period.

No Commission: It charges no commission for trading. Generally, BlockFi does not charge on every transaction you make on their platform. However, they require a small spread fee.

= Click here to visit the official website of BlockFi

#3. eToro – Best For Bitcoin Trading 



With over 20 million users across the globe, eToro made it to our top best cryptocurrency trading platforms because of several factors.

The eToro trading platform is easy to operate and well secured. You can get up to 16 crypto…

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