Grayscale Says Majority of Crypto Investors Started Trading This Year

The past year proved to be very successful for the crypto trading market. From El Salvador adopting bitcoin as a legal tender, to bitcoin hitting the highest price points twice this year, 2021 was very good for the cryptocurrency industry.

Due to the success that bitcoin enjoyed this year, the popularity of this digital asset, as well as the whole crypto trading market, has increased drastically. The number of people who bought bitcoin for the first time was significant this year, showing how much the popularity of the crypto industry has really grown.

Grayscale has recently carried out a survey that indicated that the year was remarkable for the bitcoin investors and the number of them has skyrocketed. In addition, the company also noted that the bull runs this year brought huge interest from the individual as well as institutional investors.

Grayscale’s Findings

According to the research of Grayscale, where a total of 1,000 people participated, some of the trends have changed this year. The company carried out the survey in mid-August. As the survey showed, the majority of the crypto investors active today have started trading this year.

A quarter of people surveyed have noted that they already bought and owned bitcoin, however, a very interesting part of the findings was that 55 percent of the people who noted that they owned bitcoin said that they started investing in this digital asset in 2021. In addition, many of the people surveyed noted that they also considered investing in other digital coins, also showing interest in the DeFi industry.

This industry has grown massively over the past year, attracting numerous people and companies around the world. This year showed that bitcoin is a leader in the crypto industry, and it is closer to the mainstream than ever before.

The responses of the people surveyed once again show that bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available in the market today. In fact, the majority of the investors said that they preferred investing in bitcoin when it comes to the crypto industry. The report also noted that it is becoming even more difficult for individual traders to ignore bitcoin as its price continues to increase.

According to Grayscale, about 80 percent of the people surveyed said that they were likely to invest in bitcoin using the exchange-traded fund. A very interesting part of the research’s findings was that even those who have yet not invested in bitcoin also noted that such assets are something that they are looking out for.

However, there are little to no chances for this to happen as the SEC is yet to approve any bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Another very interesting finding of the survey is that more investors than ever before, as much as 60 percent of those surveyed, have said that they are willing to buy bitcoin through special applications. Also, in 2020, 75 percent of responders noted that they would rather buy bitcoin through exchanges.

Automated Crypto Trading

Automated cryptocurrency trading has become exceptionally popular over the past year. Numerous people around the world started using automated trading software to trade cryptocurrencies.

This is a great opportunity for those who simply do not have enough time to invest in the market to get started and make good profits. The best thing about automated crypto trading robots is that they are able to do extensive market analysis in a very short time.

When analyzing the market data on your own, such as the crypto trading charts, it is very likely to spend a very long time on this process. On the other hand, thanks to the automated crypto trading robots, this process can take just a few minutes.

Finding the trader bot is not that hard in today’s market. There are numerous companies that have developed their own versions of trading software, one of such developers is Bitsgap, which offers trading robots among the other features. Bitcoin trader bot by Bitsgap can be easily added to your trading exchange using the API key, which is a secure way of connection. It’s capable of not only analyzing the market but also opening and closing orders. This way, the trading robot gets access to your trading account and makes profits for you, while you continue with your regular day.

Getting Started in Crypto trading

The survey of Grayscale is just another example of how popular the crypto trading market has become over the past few years. This year was a very important one for the crypto trading market, with numerous people getting involved in the crypto industry.

There are numerous offerings in the crypto trading market for beginners and starting out in crypto trading has never been easier.

There are numerous options for individuals to make profits from the cryptocurrency industry, but the crypto trading market is viewed to be one of the best options available. This market offers traders the opportunity to make profits from the price movement in the market.

This can be long-term, as well as a short-term trading market, depending on your individual interests and needs. If you are someone who is focused on long-term profits, then crypto investing might be a better option for you.

However, if you want to make quick profits then trading short-term is the way to go. No matter which option you pick, you will need to find a way to buy cryptocurrencies. There are numerous crypto exchanges available in the market that offer traders the opportunity to buy, sell, and hold digital assets very easily. This makes crypto trading even more accessible and popular around the world.

As cryptocurrencies continue to showcase how useful they can be, they are expected to continue the massive growth over the next few years.

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