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Big companies accept Bitcoin

Do you want to become aware of the companies that accept Bitcoin? Every day the number of companies or businesses accepting cryptocurrency is increasing. A lot of big names have got involved in this space in 2022. You will be surprised by a few names. Many businesses are able to understand Bitcoin’s future. They are aware that Bitcoin is ruling the world of cryptocurrency. So they want to be part of the crypto world. Lately, crypto investment in Singapore is increasing, too. Here are the names of some of the well-known companies that have started to accept Bitcoin in 2022.


  • Starbucks did not directly accept Bitcoin payments.
  • They partnered with a third-party service provider named Bakkt to accept the payments.
  • Starbucks started to accept payments made through Bitcoin.
  • You can visit Starbucks and make payments with Bitcoin.
  • You can also make use of the application in partnership with Bakkt for buying gift cards.

Home Depot:

  • They accept a huge amount of Bitcoin payments.
  • One can build their entire home by buying material with Bitcoin from Home Depot.
  • They accept payments in Bitcoin through checkout systems of Flexa that are installed at their retail stores.
  • Thus anyone can easily checkout when using Bitcoin for payment as all friction that is involved traditionally with this digital currency payment is taken away.


  • They are leading the field of cryptocurrency.
  • Apart from other cryptos it also accepts Bitcoin payments.
  • They accept and also hold Bitcoin.
  • They serve the community of Bitcoin in the best way.
  • They would not just use it as some marketing policy but there are in it clearly for the long run.
  • They partnered with Coinbase, a third-party service provider.
  • It aided them to allow Bitcoin payments for online orders.

Liquified Creative Annapolis


  • They have been accepting payments in Bitcoin since 2014.
  • Because of volatility, they stopped accepting it temporarily for some time.
  • Now they again started accepting it for their Xbox store credits strictly.
  • Bitcoin can be used for making payments for games, apps, digital content for Xbox and Windows mobile via Microsoft account.

Whole Foods:

  • Whole Foods got into a partnership with Spedn, an app.
  • Thus they let their customers buy groceries using Bitcoin through the app without any hassle.
  • Use this app not only to buy whole foods.
  • Baskin Robbins, Regal Cinemas, and Gamestop are the other merchants who are eager to use Bitcoin payments.


Among several cryptocurrencies, all are not accepted by every service. The most popular one, Bitcoin is accepted widely. It offers an advanced system of payment that is technologically upgraded. Many places are seen not to accept Bitcoin payments directly it is still clear that the acceptance of such crypto payment procedures is increasing every year. With the emergence of crypto payment gateways, the adoption of payments through Bitcoin is becoming convenient for many businesses. However, there is a long time until every company starts to accept Bitcoin payments directly and never through a third-party payment service provider. Companies that have started to accept cryptocurrency payments are already part of the new crypto world. It will turn out to be beneficial for their brands. Also, the brands will earn excellent publicity, and drive in technology-dependent customers and staff to their company.

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