Blockstream Sponsors The Mempool Bitcoin Project

  • Blockstream announced it is now a sponsor of the Mempool open source project.
  • Mempool will focus on adding new capabilities and enhancements to its platform related to the Liquid Network.
  • Blockstream created Liquid in 2015 as a Bitcoin federated sidechain for asset issuance and rapid interchange settlements between Bitcoin companies.

Blockstream, a builder of crypto-financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin, is now a sponsor of the Mempool project, an open-source block explorer for the Bitcoin ecosystem, according to a Monday statement.

“The sponsorship will include the development of new widgets for auditing and transparency of the network, and a redesign of the Liquid asset directory that will feature the recently proposed El Salvador Bitcoin Bond (EBB1), the Blockstream Mining Note, and other popular securities issued on Liquid,” according to the statement.

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