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2021 is already over but have you made any money on Musk’s doge this past year? Never mind if you have missed the train. Recently, we have discovered a super powerful new blockchain project named SuperEx that is launching on the first day of 2022. SuperEx – isn’t it great just to hear the name? It is reported that a metaverse world based on Musk’s SpaceX will be created on the platform. Our editors have carefully studied the SuperEx whitepaper and found that the SuperEx team is super creative and innovative. We can boldly predict that this project will surpass traditional trading platforms like Coinbase, FTX and many others. First of all, it is obvious that SuperEx team was hugely inspired by Elon Musk’s idea of colonizing Mars and the team wants to help in making this dream possible with its super original creations. With its centralized transaction + decentralized asset storage mode, SuperEx can solve digital asset transaction and security issues that are common on some other digital asset trading platforms. Another super feature of SuperEx is that the platform allows its users to create a decentralized wallet and save the private key directly in their terminal devices.

Additionally, SuperEx has issued its platform coin – ET. After the SuperEx goes online, ET holders will not only enjoy ultra-low fees and exclusive rights on the SuperEx platform but also in 2022, SuperEx will issue ET public chain – Superchain. Based on the ET Superchain, SuperEx will create a unique ET Metverse world. At that time, Musk’s SpaceX space rockets will land on Mars in the meta-cosmic world of ET.

Now we will give you a detailed introduction about SuperEx.

The success of a project depends on whether the project has any original groundbreaking creativity as in the case with ET. And we believe every single person in the crypto industry knows the exact reason why Bitcoin became so successful? I will show you below If you are a beginner to the world of crypto. All as digital currency players know BTC main characteristic is decentralization, meaning BTC holders will not be influenced by capital. The SuperEx team shows their strong belief in BTC. Since we can see how the core idea of SuperEx was inspired by the idea of decentralization. Decentralized asset storage mode and Centralized Transaction mode that SuperEx adopted, enable users to conduct smooth digital transactions without fear of any problems that might arise on the platform or server. And SuperEx plans to launch its own ET hyperlink public chain in 2022 and create a meta-universe world belonging to SuperEx based on its hyperlink.

To fully understand what SuperEx project is, we also need to take a look at its equity token – ET. So what is ET? ET (Extraterrestrial Token) is a platform equity token issued by SuperEx. Holding ET tokens not only gives users exclusive rights and interests on SuperEx platform, but also ET holders can enjoy profits brought by the platform development. SuperEx will use 50% of the annual profits to repurchase ET and directly destroys the acquired ET tokens until the total amount is reduced from 1 billion to 200 million. At the same time, SuperEx platform will develop a public chain. In this public chain, SuperEx plans to develop a metaverse world and ET will serve as the sole asset token of the SuperEx metaverse world.


For crypto enthusiasts who have been searching for the “next Bitcoin”, you might have found your opportunity. If you already started thinking about how to ge ET, here is all the information you need. Currently, ET can be purchased through subscription in the Cornerstone round after SuperEx goes online on January 1st 2022 and initial ET price is 1 USDT/ET. With all of the facts and analysis presented, if you still don’t want to participate in this project, then how do you expect to become a crypto millionaire in 2022? If you want to know more information about SuperEx and ET, you can visit the official website of the SuperEx platform and don’t forget to leave a message in the comments below.




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