These Are 2022’s Most Popular Cryptofluencers, Study Reveals All – ValueWalk

These Are 2022’s Most Popular Cryptofluencers, Study Reveals All

As we see the crypto community getting bigger by the day, the demand for accurate information and advice has increased. So, with the start of the new year, who is everyone going to turn to for sage advice about where to invest?

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New research from Crypto Head analysed over 200 ‘cryptofluencers’ and their social media followers, to reveal who is the most popular person in crypto and has the most power over our investment decisions!

Please note: Elon Musk was omitted as he is primarily the CEO of Tesla whereas this research explores people exclusively in the crypto space.  

Top 10 Most Popular ‘Cryptofluencers’

Rank NameTwitter FollowersInstagram FollowersYouTube Subscribers TikTok FollowersTotal Followers
1BitBoy Crypto/Ben Armstrong292,000149,000877,0002,600,0003,918,000
2Justin Sun2,500,000163,00019,2002,3682,684,568
3Vitalik Buterin1,300,0000001,300,000
4John McAfee1,000,00054,200100,00001,154,200
5Anthony Pompliano759,90055,600175,0000990,500
6Charlie Lee935,300000935,300
7Chris Dixon582,5000344,0000926,500
8Roger Ver675,80021,10017,9000714,800
9Joel Comm680,40015,30010,900582707,182
10Fred Wilson680,9006,68500687,585


  1. Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto), 3,918,000 Followers

  • BitBoy Crypto was only set up three years ago as an informative YouTube channel teaching people about all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
  • He achieved the number one spot in the rankings thanks to a presence across all social media platforms, particularly TikTok, and Youtube.
  1. Justin Sun, 2,684,568 Followers

  • While controversial for his outspoken, brash style, Justin Sun, the founder of the crypto platform TRON, has a huge 2.5 million followers on Twitter alone, placing him as the second most influential person.
  1. Vitalik Buterin, 1,313,500 Followers

  • Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin began influencing others on the subject back in 2011 while only a teenager through his ‘Bitcoin Magazine’. He founded Ethereum in 2014 with Gavin Woods which is the second largest currency in the market.

Tiktok is the most popular platform for crypto:

Tiktok is where the most people are going for crypto advice as BitBoy Crypto/Ben Armstrong has 2.6 million followers on the app – the most of any single account. This could suggest a keen younger demographic that wants to become more informed through the convenience of bitesize videos. Yet, only three of the top 10 cryptofluencers use this platform as Twitter emerges as generally the most used platform for the subject.


To view the research in full click here.

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