Strangest devices of 2021: Crypto-mining Game Boy, AirPods washing machine and more

It’s been a wild year for technology. We’ve seen Apple demolish its competition in processing power thanks to the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro, Sony fitting a professional-grade camera sensor in the Xperia Pro-I, and the birth of the Metaverse. Oh, and a KFConsole that can keep your chicken warm while playing Halo Infinite.

With every shining star introduced to the tech industry comes a number of anomalies, and 2021 has seen some particularly strange devices. If you ever wanted an RGB-infused smart mark or a washing machine to keep your AirPods squeaky clean, 2021 has been your year.

With the year coming to a close and CES 2022 gearing up to show off a new slate of hit-or-miss devices, we take a look back at the strangest devices to grace our screens in 2021.

 Crypto-mining Nintendo Game Boy 

This year has seen a surge of popularity in the ever-lucrative cryptocurrency market . From major financial corporations such as Mastercard and PayPal now accepting select cryptocurrencies to a Pokémon Go-esque play-to-earn crypto game, digital currency will only continue to evolve to stranger heights. Those who own the best laptops for crypto mining are likely happily mining Bitcoin, leaving everyone else who are finding it virtually impossible to nab a system gnashing their teeth. Well, when the going gets tough, some enterprising miners figured out how to get the job done on a Nintendo Game Boy.

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