Bitcoin mining company seeks people “to expand team in South America”

Key facts:

On the Braiins website you can apply for various mining related jobs.

In the midst of the reconfiguration of the industry, Paraguay and Argentina emerge as attractive options.

The cheap electricity of some South American countries attracts the attention of companies that are dedicated to mining bitcoin. This is the case of Braiins, a developer of solutions for miners that is looking for professionals to expand its team in Paraguay and other countries in South America.

Positions the company offers on its website include mining operations technicians, software development team managers, electrical engineers, embedded software engineer, designers and technical analysts, among others.

The company, founded in 2011 and owner of Slushpool, the world’s oldest mining pool, is based in the Czech Republic. However, its representatives during the Crypto Summit del Sur 2021 conference held in Ciudad del Este on December 7 all interested parties were invited to contact.

Whether to work remotely or in person, all requests will be reviewed and are welcome, they specified. By clicking on the advertisements posted on the mentioned site, a new tab opens in which the application for the chosen position can be submitted.

On its website, Braiins lists the jobs in which it is recruiting professionals. Source: Braiins.

“We believe that having a team member in different regions is necessary in case at some point an event occurs or we need to cover something quickly,” said Hugo Galicia Lara, Braiins support technician, in dialogue with CriptoNoticias.

The services offered by Braiins are mainly based on providing firmware for mining ASICS that allow them to enhance their performance. In addition, they also develop software tools for monitoring and advising on the management of mining farms.

Bitcoin mining does not stop growing in Latin America

With the ban on bitcoin mining in China reported at the time by CryptoNews, there was a reconfiguration of the scenario that boosted this business in Latin America, especially in Paraguay and Argentina, where electric power costs less than in many other countries. This data can be confirmed with the statistics offered by the Global Petro Prices site.

Thus, what in May seemed a very hard blow to bitcoin mining, today seems an issue almost solved. In fact, historic processing power was reached on the Bitcoin network on December 10 for the first time since the Asian giant left the scene.

In addition, the commercialization of equipment has also become a profitable activity, and this favors the appearance of new alternatives for users. Finally, technological advances that favor the efficiency of the process contribute to making the future of the bitcoin mining industry “extremely bright”, as the members of Braiins recognized in this medium.

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