Bitcoin Hunter Begins the Free-of-charge Cellular Phone Bitcoin Mining Service.

GwangJu, Korea, Jan. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Bitcoin Group stated that it had proceeded with the download service of ‘the Bitcoin Hunter BTH Coin’, which is a free-of-charge bitcoin mining system, through the Google Play Store.

Regarding the new users who receive the download of the electronic wallet of the Bitcoin Hunter in the Google Play Store, the free-of-charge mining system gets operated automatically every day in the cellular phone for 365 days a year. And the bitcoins that got mined free-of-charge can be confirmed right away in ‘the Bitcoin Mining Node’, which is a BTH coin electronic wallet.

Bitcoin Hunter registered the applications for the international patents, including in Korea, the United States, Japan, China, Russia, Singapore, etc. And they get made open to the public at the 10 big virtual asset exchanges in the world.

The Bitcoin Hunter BTH Coin can use the functions of the mining, the sale, the withdrawal of the money, the shopping, the games, etc. with the cellular phone of the individual.

Regarding the Overseas PR Team of the Bitcoin Group, through the press in the whole world, the Blockchain Forum, and the SNS, regarding the international patent of the Bitcoin Hunter BTH coin international patent and the situation of the proceeding with the project of the company, including the gold mine, the shopping mall, the franchises, the cosmetic products, the games, etc., they have been shared with the overseas investors on real time.

The Representative Cho, Nam-hyeon of the Bitcoin Group conveyed, “With the members, through the Bitcoin Shopping Mall, all of the products are paid and purchased with the BTH coins. And a system in which the sale, the withdrawal of the money, etc. are possible has been demonstration managed.”

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