Kwame Stover, crypto millionaire, financial teacher from Fayetteville

Kwame Jones

On Christmas Day, the iconic Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, was renamed to Crypto.com Arena after being acquired for $700 million. This name change signifies not only a change in branding for the building, but the name change is indicative of changes in way of life. Crypto is the shortened name for cryptocurrency, or an internet-based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. In simple terms, cryptocurrency is the new money.  

Though physical money is still in circulation, digital transactions are becoming more common. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Sean Culkin broke ground when he became the first NFL player to convert his entire salary to Bitcoin. Though Culkin was first, players like Odell Beckham Jr. would soon follow. Big-name companies such as Microsoft, PayPal and Whole Foods have begun accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Traditional schools are teaching outdated money methods. However, there is a new crop of teachers educating the masses on financial literacy. 

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