Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 – 2030

Story Highlights

  • Bitcoin price today is 46,223.4262
  • If Bitcoin sustains above $40K, the BTC price prediction for 2024 predicts it to reach $50,000.
  • The Bitcoin price forecast 2030 projects a meteoric recovery in BTC price to reach $347,783.

With a bullish recovery in late 2023, the price of Bitcoin skyrockets with the growing anticipations of a new bull run in 2024. The elements include the fourth Bitcoin halving, an event known for kickstarting bull runs, high hopes for a Bitcoin Spot ETF in the U.S. markets, and the growing institutional interest in the crypto world.

With the markets filled with high hopes, questions are arising like: “Is Bitcoin ready to reach the $100K mark?” or “Will Bitcoin ever go up?” or “Where will Bitcoin be in 5 years?”

We bring our comprehensive Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024-2030 to solve such doubts.

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Price $ 46,223.42618015 -0.71%
Market Cap $ 905,802,903,206.9816
Trading Volume $ 44,792,861,285.8720
Circulating Supply 19,596,187.0000
All-time High$68,789.63 Nov 10, 2021
All-time Low$0.04865 Jul 15, 2010
24 High $ 48,969.4800
24 Low $ 45,606.0600

Bitcoin Price Prediction January – 2024

Last week’s market tremors, influenced by the Matrixport report casting doubts on imminent ETF approvals, saw Bitcoin momentarily dip to $42K. Nevertheless, the market demonstrated resilience with a swift rebound, bringing Bitcoin beyond the long-term resistance at $45K.

This overnight recovery breaks out from the sideways trend, surpassing the upper boundary with a sharp increase in trading volume. This aligns with our BTC price analysis, where the series of Doji candles strengthens the case for an impending breakout.

Source TradingView

As of now, Bitcoin trades at $46,868, characterized by a long bullish engulfing candle. This is a sign of the market’s rejection of lower prices and supporting the bullish breakout.

In the breakout scenario where growing demand and market sentiment align, Bitcoin could very well reach the $50,000 mark this January. Optimistically, the uptrend can reach $60K by month end if the Spot ETF is approved of Bitcoin. 

Conversely, a fallback to the $45,000 level cannot be ruled out if the market fails to sustain momentum.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Potential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Bitcoin Price Prediction January 2024$35,000$42,500$50,000

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

The high anticipations around the Bitcoin Spot ETF approvals kick in for the BTC price to spark a bull run. The uptrend continues the streak of 5 monthly bullsih candles and is ready to challenge the overhead resistance at $50K. Moreover, the halving year has always been a bullish year in Bitcoin history leading to a bull run in the next year. 

Further, the rising hopes for the interest rate cuts in the US market will bolster the uptrend momentum in BTC price. Therefore, 2024 is highly anticipated to be a bullish year for Bitcoin. With a potential high of around $120,000 and a potential low of $57,027.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Potential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024$57,027$81,008$120,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

Bitcoin Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

With the launch of potentially more Bitcoin-related financial services and the global adoption spark of Bitcoin, BTC prices will maintain a bullish trend in 2025. The cryptocurrency is expected to create a high of $140,449 with a low of $61,357. Therefore, the average Bitcoin price prediction for 2025 will potentially be $95,903. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026

Firstly, as per Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026, the BTC price range in 2026 is expected to be between $82,522 to $155,284. Moreover, the average price is projected to be $115,569.

BTC Price Prediction 2027

Subsequently, as per BTC Price Prediction for 2027, the Bitcoin price range can be between $152,837 to $169,047. Furthermore, the average price is expected to be $160,942, indicating a relatively stable bullish period for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028

With the 5th Halving, the Bitcoin price will see another bullish spark in 2028. Specifically, as per Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028, the potential BTC price range in 2028 is $174,063 to $192,908. Additionally, the average price is expected to be $183,485, demonstrating continued positive momentum.

BTC Price Prediction 2029

Thereafter, as per BTC Price Prediction 2029, the BTC price will range between $204,634 to $239,559. Significantly, the average price is projected to be $222,096, indicating a significant rise in Bitcoin’s value.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

Finally, coming to 2030, Bitcoin Price Prediction maintains a positive trend. Indeed, the BTC price is expected to create its new all-time high, with a price range between $277,751 to $347,783. In conclusion, the average price is expected to be $312,767.

Bitcoin Market Price Prediction: Analyst and Influencer’s BTC Price Prediction

Firm Name20242025
Trading Beasts$88, 632$154,435
  • Blockware Solutions Predict Bitcoin Post-Halving Price To Reach $400,000.
  • Tommy Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat, predicts Bitcoin to surge between $250,000 to $500,000.
  • Robert Kiyosaki predicts the Bitcoin price to reach $120,000 in 2024.
  • Blockstream CEO Adam Back predicts Bitcoin to hit an all-time high of over $100,000 in 2024.

Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction

Firstly, the Bitcoin ‘halving’ just took place, an event that happens roughly every four years. Essentially, Bitcoin miners’ reward for validating transactions gets cut in half. Consequently, this curtails the number of new Bitcoins in circulation, usually sparking a price rally. According to data, the price surges after previous halvings. Therefore, let’s watch this space.

EventDateReward (BTC)Mined (BTC)
LaunchJanuary 20095010,500,000
Halving 1November 2012255,250,000
Halving 2July 201612.52,625,000
Halving 3May 20206.251,312,500
Halving 4March 20243.125656,250
Halving 5Expected 20281.5625328,125
Halving 6Expected 20320.78125164,063

CoinPedia’s Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

Firstly, at CoinPedia, we’re feeling optimistic about Bitcoin’s price going up. Significantly, one big reason is the upcoming Bitcoin “halving” event. In simple terms, every four years, the number of new Bitcoins entering the market gets cut in half. Consequently, this usually increases the price because there’s less supply.

Additionally, Grayscale Investments winning a key legal battle with the SEC improves the chances of a Bitcoin ETF. However, the moves are delayed to January 2024, providing buyers the perfect opportunity to buy and hoard at lower levels.

Furthermore, even big names like Standard Chartered Bank and other experts also think Bitcoin’s price will rise soon with the halving on the horizon. Therefore, we’re not alone in our optimism!

We expect the BTC price to create a new 2024 high of $120,000 by 2024.  

Bitcoin Price Prediction Potential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024$57,027$81,008$120,000

ChatGPT Predicts Bitcoin Post-Halving Price To Cross $1 Million

Furthermore, using the above Bitcoin Halving table, we asked ChatGPT to calculate the potential jump in Bitcoin after the 2024 halving. Utilizing Arithmetic and Geometric Progression, respectively, ChatGPT calculates the Bitcoin price prediction for 2024 post-halving to be a 290% and 4,160% jump.

Rounding off the current Bitcoin price to $26,000, firstly, the calculations display the…

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