Best Crypto Trading Bots in Canada & Australia 2024 [Expert Reviews & Comparison]

Cryptocurrency trading bots have become a norm among traders, and like it or not – you’re likely already trading against these bots in your sessions.

For these reasons, using software like Immediate Edge to automate your trading process is now essential. Not only can you execute flawless trades, but you can feed your strategies into it and even develop new ones based on the bot’s features

In this guide, we present expert reviews and comparisons of the best crypto trading bots available right now.

Read on to find the most suitable one for your trading style.

Heads up! Both Immediate Edge and Quantum AI are only available to crypto traders from Australia and Canada.

1. Immediate Edge – Best Crypto Trading Bot Overall 


  • Various crypto and non-crypto assets
  • A revolving list of recommended traders
  • Compatible with most computers, laptops, and smartphones
  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Available in Canada and Australia only


Immediate Edge is a free-to-use automated crypto trading platform. While the majority of alternatives that use a similar free-use concept earn money by charging fee-based commissions, Immediate Edge doesn’t take a cent from its users. 

Even though there are no expenses, fees, or financial drawbacks to worry about when it comes to Immediate Edge, this crypto bot requires each user to deposit at least $250 into their account to start trading. 

Free Trial?

As a free crypto bot with no hidden fees or extra services outside of the main suite, Immediate Edge doesn’t need to have a free trial since it’s completely free to use to begin with. 


What separates Immediate Edge from competing alternatives (including Quantum AI) is its versatility. Unlike platforms that specialize in crypto, bonds, or specific asset types, Immediate Edge works with commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, Forex, and many other assets. 

Best for:

As a free crypto trading bot equipped with advanced features that boast an exemplary trading success rate, some would argue that Immediate Edge is uniquely positioned to be great for virtually everyone.

Technically speaking, Immediate Edge’s automated trading features are highly customizable, catering to both beginners and seasoned traders alike. The only downside is that it’s not available in all countries worldwide.

Overview/How it works

Immediate Edge is a free online service, meaning that users only need to set up a free account for it to start working. As mentioned, a deposit of at least $250 is needed as a budget for the bot to operate with.

After making the required deposit, the user gets to set the trading parameters for the bot to follow. Beginners are only required to choose the asset type, establish a bankroll (minimum and maximum investments per trade), risk, and more. 

The best part of Immediate Edge is that the entire process is fully automated, powered by advanced AI technologies.

Users only need to monitor the developing events and make appropriate adjustments, such as increasing the minimum investments in assets that are growing or vice versa. 

This bot also boasts a variety of inbuilt analytic tools comprising detailed charts and various market illustration tools.

Beginners can use these programs to learn how the market works, although they were primarily designed to provide experienced traders with valuable insights into market shifts.

It’s accessible from most devices, which again means that beginners and even crypto-curious individuals can use it as an introduction to crypto trading.

The most powerful feature of Immediate Edge is its ‘round-the-clock trading concept. Opportunities emerge and vanish within seconds in the crypto market, and Immediate Edge’s AI-powered platform aims to get the most from it.

Bottom Line

Immediate Edge is a highly flexible, versatile trading bot that is far better-rounded relative to apps specializing in crypto trading exclusively.

It significantly reduces the risk of approaching bonds, stocks, crypto, and forex trading, but more importantly, it automates the entire process and provides “true” passive income if your trading strategy is indeed a profitable one.

It is free to use in Canada and Australia and no commissions are charged on any transactions, whether it be trading, depositing, or withdrawing funds

The combination of efficiency, accuracy, and versatility is the main reason why we dubbed Immediate Edge the best automated trading platform in the market. 

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2. Quantum AI – Best Crypto Trading Bot for Altcoin Trading 


  • Support plenty of cryptocurrencies
  • Top-tier UI
  • 10 deposit methods
  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Available in Canada and Australia onl


Similar to Immediate Edge, Quantum AI is also a free crypto trading bot. Setting up an account doesn’t cost anything, and the platform doesn’t charge its users any fees or commissions. 

The minimum budget Quantum AI’s trading bot can operate with is the same as Immediate Edge – $250.

Free Trial?

Quantum AI is free to use in both Canada and Australia, so there’s no need for a free trial.


Quantum AI solely works with crypto. This platform continuously scans the web for the latest updates on crypto prices and delivers accurate reports whenever the desired cryptocurrencies rise or drop. 

Currently, this platform covers Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dash Coin (DASH). 

Best for:

Quantum AI is a dedicated crypto trading bot designed as an “assistant tool” that can be of invaluable help to seasoned traders.

However, its automated trading capabilities far exceed those of mainstream trading bots, boasting improved accuracy and a sophisticated market analysis reporting system.

It’s also great for beginners since it boasts a variety of free educational resources that beginners can use to learn the ABCs of crypto trading.

Overview/How it works

Users can register an account with Quantum AI after they meet the minimum deposit requirements of $250.

Similar to Immediate Edge, the only remaining requirement is to configure the preferred trading parameters by choosing which cryptocurrencies the bot should approach and the minimums and maximums of each transaction.

By harnessing the power of quantum computing mixed with AI-powered tracking and analytics, Quantum AI becomes an ideal choice for intermediate crypto traders who wish to expand their crypto trading operations.

This software continuously monitors the market and enables users to automatically place investments when lucrative opportunities present themselves, making it perfect for seasoned traders

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Quantum AI is more similar than different from Immediate Edge in that it automates the trading process and keeps a watchful eye for any emerging opportunities

It stands among the most powerful crypto auto-trading bots, and even though it doesn’t work on fiat exchanges, it covers all mainstream cryptocurrencies – from Bitcoin to up-and-coming stars like Monero and Dash

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What is a Crypto Trading Bot & How Does It Work?

A trading bot is a software program that interacts directly with financial exchanges (often using APIs to obtain and interpret relevant information), and places buy or sell orders on a user’s behalf based on the market data it analyzes.

Automated trading bots can analyze market actions, such as price, volume, time, and orders, as fast as they come in – something extremely difficult for a human to do.

Trading bots decide when to buy or sell by following the market’s price movement and responding according to a set of pre-programmed rules. Typically, a crypto trading bot platform will follow and analyze technical indicators and signals such as volume, orders, price, and time.

Most sophisticated automated crypto trading bots like Immediate Edge can be customized to execute a trading strategy based on specific parameters.


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