Mollars To Unveil New Blockchain Or A Cryptocurrency Exchange — Bitcoin’s New Rival

Prominent Crypto News Analyst Predicts Mollars Token Could Explode In Value

Prominent Crypto News Analyst Predicts Mollars Token Could Explode In Value

Elon Musk’s social media platform X, formerly Twitter, has become a powerful source for the decentralized finance [DeFi] community and its creators.    News circulates fast via the short text messaging app.    While it’s usually Dogecoin (DOGE), related to the X owner, this time it’s for a new cryptocurrency, which rivals Bitcoin.

The developers of Mollars, who recently called into question how many tokens Satoshi Nakamoto has, have revealed the web3 decentralized application that’s to be associated with their token.

Not quite definitively, but at least what the 2 potential options are..

Mollars To Launch A New Blockchain Or Cryptocurrency Exchange

“About the web3 dApp in our whitepaper.  It will be a #CryptoExchange  or a #newBlockchain to catalyze $Mollars daily transactions and make the cryptocurrency a staple #GoodDay,” wrote the $Mollars token developers in a tweet on the brand’s X profile.

The message is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s been clarified that the Mollars token will not only be a store-of-value token but it will also be required for use in the process of new blockchain or cryptocurrency exchange.    One of the two web3 products will be launched in conjunction to the ending of the $MOLLARS token presale.

Token Value Predictions Likely To Increase

This is great news for investors of the initial coin offering.   The crypto project, which offers a token that’s a solution to the massive Bitcoin-blockchain trading fees, has already raised nearly $345,00 (USD).  The added decentralized application or blockchain could lift analysts predictions for $1.11-million profit yields on $1000 investments even higher.

It is expected this week, the ICO will surpass 1-million tokens sold and continue the 2 week streak of over 75,000 tokens sold daily.    The staggering total would mean over 25% of the total token  presale supply has been acquired by early crypto traders and investors.

Total Token Supply

The total token supply of Mollars is less than half that of Bitcoin at just 10-Million tokens to ever be minted.    The low supply helps the token maintain a high value against global inflation as long as demand is maintained.  Both $MOLLARS and $BTC are based on these core principles.

Mollars will launch on a crypto exchange after the hard cap goal of 4-million tokens are sold or in the first week of May 2024. Based on current sales, the hard cap milestone is more likely to be first.


Crypto News Show  Analyst Predicts Mollars Token Will Explode

Mollars token presale’s Tokenomics structure has also been highlighted in a recent Youtube broadcast from Ari of Crypto News.    The prominent, international crypto analyst  says he sees an ‘explosive’ value in the Bitcoin-alternative  and a 20x ROI yield is possible.

The CryptoNews host also spoke on the security of the ICO, calling its smart contract safe for investors to trust and buy into.

Host Impressed by Tokenomics

Tokenomics wise, Ari highlights the way funding from the Mollars presale will be divided.  The analyst was impressed by the plans to use 56% of funds for groundwork, 24% for a rewards program, and 20% for ecosystem funds and cex listing.

The rewards program was even further analyzed, revealing Mollars has over 1000 users on QuestN waiting to participate in tasks related to marketing the Bitcoin-Alternative.    The number of people registered shocked and impressed.

“We can pretty much see this explode,” he says in the closing of the rewards program review.

This review came before Mollars announcing it will develop a new blockchain or crypto exchange.  And also before the Cyperscope audit confirmed the token presale’s smart contract is legitimate, matching advertised tokenomics.  Perhaps the prediction of 10x-20x would be much higher if Ari knew that.

Regardless, the crypto analysts across the cryptosphere are speaking highly of the new token presale and challenger of Bitcoin —  Mollars.

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