Why New Crypto Trading Project Bitbot Could 50X in 2024

Bitbot’s presale, which is currently in week 1, has already seen an outstanding response, raising an impressive $313k.

It’s well-known that Telegram crypto communities are a common news source for many traders. However, what is less widely known is that Telegram crypto trading bots are quickly becoming one of crypto’s biggest growth industries; Unibot, one of the market’s most popular options, saw its daily active users roughly quadruple between December 2023 and January 2024, reaching an all-time high.

One new entrant in this arena, Bitbot, is making a name for itself, raising $313k since the 17th of January, with a price of just $0.0105 right now. Offering 300 million tokens during the 15-stage presale, Bitbot is the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot with market-leading promise. Analysts see it as having 50x-100x profit potential this year – read on to find out why.

Telegram Crypto Trading Bots: What Are They?

Telegram trading bots have become a revolutionary tool in crypto trading. These innovative programs, integrated within the Telegram app – a popular hub for crypto enthusiasts – offer users a streamlined way to access decentralized exchanges. They integrate automated trading, allowing users to effortlessly set up strategies that snap up promising crypto projects before they pump.

The automated Telegram crypto trading market has exploded recently, with a trading volume nearing $7 billion from over half a million lifetime users. For perspective, over $1.7 billion of that volume occurred between the 20th of December 2023 and the 20th of January 2024. However, this total number of lifetime users is a drop in the ocean of Telegram’s vast 800 million user base, indicating a market primed for tremendous growth.

Yet, as with any fast-moving market, challenges have surfaced – namely security. Notable examples include Unibot, where hackers exploited a smart contract flaw to swipe $560,000, resulting in the UNIBOT token plunging 40%, as reported in Cointelegraph. Similarly, Banana Gun, a leading bot at the time, reported a smart contract bug that led to its token crashing by 99% in a single day.

Recognizing the desperate need for a secure and trustworthy Telegram bot for crypto trading, a team of former Wall Street traders developed Bitbot. As the world’s first non-custodial Telegram crypto trading bot, Bitbot doesn’t hold user assets or private keys. This drastically reduces the risk of hacks and sets a new gold standard for security in this blossoming market.

Meet Bitbot, the World’s Most Secure Telegram Crypto Trading Bot

Bitbot’s focus is on two critical aspects: security and convenience. Central to its iron-clad security is a partnership with KnightSafe, a decentralized and transparent self-custody solution. In short, this technology means users retain full control of their assets until trades are settled – a stark contrast to its competitors’ custodial approach.

Bitbot goes the extra mile, integrating cutting-edge anti-MEV and anti-rug pull mechanisms. These features actively protect users from predatory trading bots and deceptive intruders posing a threat to their funds. These advanced technologies are set against a green light from blockchain auditing firm Solid Proof, which recently approved Bitbot’s smart contract.

All these sophisticated features are wrapped in a user-friendly package within the Telegram app. Bitbot offers an ultra-intuitive interface where users can discuss strategies in chat rooms and set up, manage, and monitor trades with a single tap. Traders can start in seconds, with the option of creating up to three free wallets with a simple one-click process.

Bitbot’s Trading Features

Bitbot was created with a straightforward ethos: to equip retail traders with tools that level the playing field against institutional investors. Debuting just as the 2024 crypto bull run is gaining momentum, Bitbot has timed its entrance perfectly.

Bitbot is designed to identify and snipe promising presale gems and lesser-known altcoins. Using sophisticated AI technology to analyze on-chain metrics, it pinpoints tokens on the verge of a pump, giving traders the edge in entering these opportunities early.

For those new to trading or lacking the time for in-depth analysis, Bitbot introduces an invaluable copy trading feature. This allows users to mirror the strategies of the community’s most successful traders, tapping into the wisdom and success of experienced traders for ongoing profit.

But the earning opportunities aren’t limited to trading alone. Users can participate in a referral scheme, receiving 15% of any trading fee generated by their referrals – incentivizing community growth and offering a revenue stream for users.

This is coupled with a revenue-sharing scheme, which could prove highly profitable as Bitbot rises to the top of the leaderboard. For context, Unibot has paid out over 4,496 ETH (currently valued at over $11 million) to users in its revenue-sharing program, according to DLNews. Factor in the projected growth of the BITBOT token, and Bitbot could be potentially the most lucrative option for Telegram crypto trading.

The 50x-100x Potential of Bitbot

Bitbot’s presale, which is currently in week 1, has already seen an outstanding response, raising an impressive $313k. Currently, each token is priced at a highly discounted $0.0105.

Consider that Unibot and Banana Gun, despite their flaws, recorded 200x and 28x gains, respectively, from their presale prices to all-time highs. Bitbot’s focus on security puts it leagues ahead, positioned to capture a sizeable chunk of market share from its competitors.

Strong interest is also evident across the project’s social media. Roughly 6,000 traders have joined Bitbot’s Telegram group, with a massive 90,000+ followers on Twitter. Considering the accelerating growth of the Telegram crypto trading market, Bitbot’s recipe of enhanced security, AI-driven trading tools, and user-friendliness could easily mean 50x-100x gains in 2024 are well within reach for early investors.

Telegram Crypto Trading Bots May Never Be the Same Again

It’s clear that, as far as investment opportunities go, few match the potential of Bitbot. Telegram trading bots are a growing industry that could dominate future crypto news headlines. And even after their issues were exposed, Unibot and Banana Gun still boast market caps of $86 million and $29 million, respectively, as per CoinMarketCap. UNIBOT’s price has more than doubled in January alone.

This popularity implies a bright future for Bitbot. Tokens are expected to sell out in record time, and it won’t be long before BITBOT is listed on popular crypto exchanges. Bitbot is ready to revolutionize Telegram trading bots, and once word gets out, its token could enter the stratosphere.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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