Bitcoin Stumbles but Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Nears $10M in the Bear Market – Here’s Why

Bitcoin is struggling to reclaim its highs as the speculative craze around the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs faded. Slipping below $40K, the world’s largest cryptocurrency dragged most of the market with it. High-cap assets like Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, Solana, and Avalanche have also been trading in red over the last few days.

But the bear market has been generous to some assets. A good example is Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX).

Bitcoin Minetrix is Capitalizing on the Bull Market

Bitcoin Minetrix is one of the biggest gainers of the recent market downturn.

The cloud mining token has been witnessing massive presale traffic over the last few days, as top cryptos failed to retain the interest of investors. Since the launch of $BTCMTX tokens is weeks away, it will be largely immune to the bear market. It makes sense to stock up on $BTCMTX at low prices now, as a result.

Currently, the token is selling for discounted prices in the presale. It follows a gradually increasing price structure that favors early investors. Investors are also eligible for staking rewards during the presale.

Right from the presale stage, Bitcoin Minetrix has been receiving positive reviews and optimistic price predictions from top crypto analysts and publications.

For example, popular YouTuber Michael Wruber recently shared the opinion that Bitcoin Minetrix is the future of Bitcoin mining. According to him, the project is “solving a huge problem by removing the risk of third-party cloud mining scams and putting the control into the hands of token holders”.

The primary goal of Bitcoin Minetrix is to simplify Bitcoin mining. Not just on paper like most cloud mining platforms, but also in practice. With the stake-to-mine dashboard, users just need to stake $BTCMTX tokens to earn mining credits, which can then be burnt to earn BTC mining rewards.

Stake to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining has been extremely rewarding, with the mind-boggling price appreciation of Bitcoin over the years. But with time, bitcoin mining was confined to the hands of people and institutions that could afford the large investment it demands. Technical expertise is another important factor.

Financial and technical barriers pushed the sector out of reach for retail participants. The high costs associated with equipment and electricity stood in the way of decentralizing the sector. Although cloud mining ventures aimed to make mining accessible to more users, their impact has largely been limited.

They often need investments in hardware. They demand time and attention. They are not as passive as they are made out to be. More importantly, fraud and withdrawal of support from companies mitigate their reliability and credibility.

Bitcoin Minetrix puts forward an excellent solution with its decentralized stake-to-mine ecosystem. As discussed above, it combines crypto staking with bitcoin mining on its easy-to-use dashboard.

Financial and Technical Barriers Lowered

Staking requires little to no technical expertise. Token holders just need to follow the instructions on the dashboard to complete the process. It is as easy as it sounds.

Coming to the financial barrier, Bitcoin Minetrix doesn’t require any initial hardware investment, except a mobile or laptop that allows you to access the stake-to-mine dashboard. You just need to invest in $BTCMTX tokens to grab the passive income opportunity. There are multiple benefits to that.

First, it is budget-friendly. Whether you’re a large-scale or small-scale investor, you can buy $BTCMTX tokens to fit your budget. Currently, the token is selling for $0.0131 in the presale stage.

Another advantage is the organic value appreciation that $BTCMTX tokens undergo over time. While you earn staking and mining rewards on the token, you will also benefit from its price increase. Since you’re not buying any mining equipment, there is no worry about resales and depreciation either.

Bitcoin Minetrix grants mining credits as ERC-20 tokens that have a unique characteristic—they cannot be traded but can only be burned. That eliminates the risk of thefts and hacks. Burning the non-transferable tokens, you earn mining rewards.

The Presale Window is Closing

Although the broader market is in a downturn, it is expected to be short. With Bitcoin halving just weeks away, the price of $BTC is bound to take off within a few days. It’s only a matter of time before the market enters another period of bull run.

The launch of $BTCMTX is expected to align with the next bull run. Factoring in the high market relevance and growth potential of the project, the launch has the potential to raise the token 10X to 12X in the first stage.

But the real potential of $BTCMTX tokens will be unveiled in the following months as the stake-to-mine dashboard goes live and acquires users. Investors can, however, put their tokens to use right from the presale stage through staking. Rewards are distributed in $BTCMTX tokens, instead of mining credits, in the first stage.

Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix official website to join the presale. A $30K airdrop is now live for the $BTCMTX community.

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