Jubi Relaunches as Joy Universe Digital Asset Trading Platform

The original Jubi digital trading platform has been fully acquired by Exor Digital Holdings Limited, a major participant in the worldwide digital innovation and technology industry, according to an official announcement by the cryptocurrency trading site Joy Universe (ju.com). Now that it owns 100% of Jubi, Exor Digital Holdings Limited has completely restructured the company and made big changes to key positions in its primary divisions, which include technology development, brand promotion, customer care, and major client channels.

The Jubi trading platform was among the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world when it was established in 2013. It held the highest global trading volume in 2017 after claiming with pride the top rank among the biggest Chinese-language digital asset trading platforms in 2015. After being totally bought by Singapore’s Uniweb Group in February 2020, Jubi provided services to 23 million customers of digital asset trading across hundreds of nations worldwide. Exor Digital Holdings Limited, the business purchasing Ju.com, has substantial support from both well-known cryptocurrency players and traditional investment institutions, including those in Italy. Ju.com is currently valued at $1.2 million USD.

According to the release, the acquisition would help the encrypted digital ecosystem grow and provide strength to the platform’s global strategy. The Joy Universe Digital Asset Trading Platform plans to upgrade all aspects of its business after acquisition, including user services, channel expansion, ecological development, technology, and artificial intelligence data services. The creation of DeFi infrastructure, Web3 digital entities, NFT asset applications and implementation, the field of encrypted entertainment, and the metaverse will all be given top priority.

The significant changes to Joy Universe’s management and controlling elements as well as the overall upgrade as it stands today may be motivated by the promising development trends and opportunities brought about by the approval of Bitcoin as an ETF and the dawning of the digital virtual economy era. The acquisition event and the extensive rebranding of Jubi’s trading platform may help the exchange regain its position as the largest exchange in the world, allowing it to compete again with other elite international exchanges. The cryptocurrency market may see a fascinating drama in 2024 as a number of competitors emerge and vie, making for an exciting show. We look forward to more updates.

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