Cardano(ADA) Price: Will ADA Recover In 2024 ?

Cardano (ADA) stands as a prominent player, offering a robust blockchain platform designed to usher in a new era of secure and scalable decentralized applications. At the heart of Cardano’s ecosystem is ADA, the native token that not only facilitates transactions but also plays an important role in staking and governance. Recent months have seen Cardano’s value experience a rollercoaster ride, with its price surging to a reaching an all-time high of $3.10 in September 2021, a yearly peak of $0.69 in December 2023, only to face a sharp downturn, reaching a low of $0.45 in January 2024. As we stand on the cliff of a new month, the burning question lingers: Will Cardano’s ADA stage a recovery in the coming weeks? Let’s unravel the factors at play and explore the potential course for ADA’s journey in the crypto landscape.

Exploring Cardano’s Current Landscape

Before delving into the possibilities for ADA’s recovery, let’s navigate through the present. Cardano Price is at $0.499804 experiencing a 2.93% decrease. Over the past seven days, it has decreased 1.13%, while the last 30 days reflect a larger decline of 10.33%. These figures position Cardano at the 8th spot among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap. In the last 24 hours alone, it has experienced  Presently, Cardano a live market capitalization of $ 17.7 billion with a circulating supply of 35.4 billion coins

Cardano (ADA) price performance

The Path to Recovery

Determining whether or not ADA will recover in February is a complex task, influenced by various factors. Current trends and data allow for estimating potential outcomes within a range, considering different assumptions and probabilities.

Industry analysts project a range for Cardano’s trading cost in February 2024, with estimates spanning from a minimum of $0.437 to a maximum of $0.514, averaging around $0.475. Some experts highlight that Cardano’s price might surge to $0.7 if it successfully breaks through the resistance of the pennant pattern and the 50-day EMA. On the flip side, a failure to do so could result in a decline to $0.42 or even lower.

Adding to the mix, there’s speculation about Cardano’s potential to reach $10 in the next bull run, possibly commencing in February 2024, drawing insights from historical patterns and crypto market cycles. Analysts suggest that a successful breakout could propel ADA towards higher price points, initially aiming for $0.7 and potentially advancing to $0.975. Conversely, a failure to overcome resistance may lead to a further 18% decline, settling around $0.42.

Setbacks and Potential Bounce-Backs

Cardano faced a significant setback as it encountered resistance at a crucial technical level, suggesting potential hurdles for the digital asset. The 26-day exponential moving average (EMA), typically seen as a minor support during consolidation, proved to be a formidable barrier for ADA’s price. This rejection at the 26 EMA, highlighted at around $0.5478 on the price chart, not only halted its upward movement but also indicated a more substantial resistance than initially expected. 

Cardano Rejection

With the immediate support at $0.4763, there’s a chance for a rebound, yet given the strength of the recent rejection, the asset may likely test a more robust support level at $0.4234, near the 200-day SMA, a critical long-term indicator acting as a significant psychological and technical support level.


As Cardano stands at the crossroads of its journey, the question of ADA’s recovery remains unclear. The market fluctuations, coupled with industry projections and technical analysis, weave a complex narrative for ADA’s potential trajectory. Will ADA rebound from its recent challenges or face further declines? Only time will unfold the true story of Cardano’s recovery in the unfolding month, inviting investors and enthusiasts alike to closely monitor the waves and currents shaping its course in the crypto landscape.

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