SOL Outage: Fix Released For Validator Operators To Restart Network

Solana encountered a significant disruption resulting in the halt of block progression. The outage, reported via Solana’s system status page, disrupted the network’s operations, prompting immediate attention from stakeholders. Efforts to rectify the issue are currently underway, underscoring the urgency to restore normalcy to Solana’s functionality.

The outage, as indicated on Solana’s system status page, signifies a critical performance degradation within the network. Laine, a trusted Solana validator, corroborated this assessment, highlighting the severity of the situation. With block progression brought to a standstill, Solana’s operational integrity faces a notable challenge, necessitating swift action to pinpoint and address the underlying cause.

Core engineers swiftly mobilized to identify the root cause of the outage and initiate remedial measures. Their diligent efforts have led to the identification of a fix aimed at restoring normalcy to Solana’s operations. Network validator @mtromp issued a crucial announcement, affirming the development of a solution tailored for validators to implement promptly. This proactive approach underscores the collaborative efforts within the Solana ecosystem to swiftly address disruptions and uphold the network’s reliability.

Jupiter Exchange Assures Support

Jupiter Exchange, in response to the ongoing downtime of the Solana network, reassures its users via a post on X of dedicated support amidst the disruption. Despite the current outage, the entire Jupiter team stands ready to address any inquiries promptly. Users are encouraged to open a ticket on Discord, where Jupiter’s support team will promptly attend to their queries.

Furthermore, Jupiter Exchange provides clarity regarding stop-loss orders for perpetual contracts during this period. Users can rest assured that stop-loss orders will execute precisely at the designated price, ensuring continued security and reliability for traders navigating the volatile market conditions.

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Preparing for Network Restart and New Validator Software Release

Validators within the Solana network have embarked on crucial preparations to facilitate a seamless restart. One key step involves generating snapshots utilizing their local ledger state. This meticulous process ensures that the most recent data before the outage is captured, laying the groundwork for a smooth resumption of operations. Laine, a respected Solana validator, shed light on the intricacies of this preparatory phase, highlighting the meticulous efforts undertaken by validators to safeguard the network’s integrity.

The forthcoming validator software release marks a pivotal moment in Solana’s recovery efforts. This update contains a critical patch meticulously crafted to address the underlying issue responsible for the cluster’s halt. Solana Foundation, the steward of the network’s maintenance, has emphasized the imperative for validator operators to swiftly adopt the new software release. 


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