Crypto Prices Today: Market Remains Steady As Bitcoin, Pepe Coin, & DYM Advance

The crypto prices today were in the positive territory, but stayed near the bay, as investors are assessing a flurry of factors before putting any bets. For instance, the uncertainty over a potential timeline for the Federal Reserve to start trimming the policy rates has weighed on the crypto market sentiment.

On the other hand, a set of key important data is scheduled next week, which might provide clarity on the potential move of the U.S. Federal Reserve. So, considering that the market seems to be showing less or minor movements over the last few days.

Looking at the individual crypto prices, the Bitcoin price was up 0.16% to $42,886.82 during writing, while its trading volume over the last 24 hours fell 4.61% to $17.10 billion. Notably, the flagship crypto remained flat over the last seven days, while losing over 2% over the last 30 days.

Among other cryptos, the Ethereum price was up 2.08% during the writing and traded at $2,362.02, with its one-day volume soaring 35% to $9.79 billion. The BNB price was up 0.11% to $301.65 at the same time, while the XRP price fell 0.49% to $0.504.

Meanwhile, the Solana price, a day after the SOL network faced an outage, was down 0.26% to $95.38 during writing. In addition, the Cardano price was also down 0.68% to $0.486, with its trading volume rising 12.29% to $305.24 million.

However, the mixed performance of the major cryptos has kept the overall market in the green. As of writing, the global crypto market cap was up 0.88% to $1.65 trillion, with its trading volume from yesterday slipping 2.89% to $43.23 billion. Notably, the fear and greed index in the crypto market was at 55, suggesting a neutral sentiment in the market.

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The Top Crypto Prices Today Are

Pepe Coin Soars Over 2%

One of the most popular meme coins, the Pepe Coin price was up 2.12% during writing on February 7, and traded at $0.0000009221, while its trading volume fell 25.14% to $67.04 million. Meanwhile, the crypto has struggled to maintain positive momentum over the last few weeks, as witnessed by its price movements. On a weekly basis, Pepe Coin lost about 6%, while noting a monthly drop of around 23%.

Pepe Coin Chart

Dymension (DYM) Adds 24%

The Dymension (DYM) crypto was one of the top gainers in the crypto market on Wednesday, suggesting a growing interest of the investors towards the crypto. Meanwhile, the Dymension price was up 24.35% during writing, and traded at $4.96, with its trading volume skyrocketing 2771514.33% to $402.88 million over the last 24 hours.

DYM Crypto Chart

WOO Gains 6%

The WOO crypto has also gained attention from the crypto market enthusiasts on February 7, as evidenced by the recent surge in its price. The WOO price was up 5.63% and exchanged hands at $0.3538, with its trading volume soaring 26.97% to $11.37 million. Notably, the crypto has touched a high of $0.3583 over the last 24 hours.

WOO Crypto Chart

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