Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction: 2024, 2025, 2026 – 2030

Story Highlights

  • The live price of Chiliz is $ 0.10159547.
  • Chiliz price could soar to a maximum of $0.178 by the end of 2024.
  • CHZ price with a potential surge could go as high as $0.612 by the end of 2030.

The dawn of the alt season in the bygone year had pumped the majority of Ethereum-based tokens. Chiliz was one of the innovative projects, which was occupied with impeccable pricing action throughout the year. Chiliz has a promising market cap. Successively, marketers are still keen on developments around Chiliz, and investors are curious about Chiliz price prediction.

The Peerless Project has set the entertainment sector ablaze, specifically gaming. Football has the highest influence over it. Football giants such as FC Barcelona, Juventus, A C Milan, Manchester City, and PSG are in collaboration with Chiliz. The chief goal has been to enable millions of sports fans to purchase a CHZ token through a crypto exchange. This is in order to cast a vote in consideration of their favorite sports teams. 

Are you one of the many considering CHZ as an investment in the crypto market? Then you are in the right place! As this write-up will decode the possible price targets of the digital coin for 2024 and the years to come!


Price $ 0.10159547 2.47%
Market cap $ 903,010,078.0348
Circulating Supply 8,888,290,621.6840
Trading Volume $ 44,431,430.0056
All-time high $0.8915 on 13th March 2021
All-time low $0.004001 on 28th September 2019
24 High $ 0.1028
24 Low $ 0.0987

*The statistics are from the time of publication.

Chiliz Price Prediction February 2024

Despite the crypto industry starting the month on a bearish note, the CHZ price has displayed a positive jump of approximately 3% in valuation. The Chiliz price had recorded significant volatility during the year start, resulting in it experiencing a strong bearish move.

The CHZ coin price recorded a correction of 19.5% in valuation, after which the bulls regained momentum and the price started trading positively. The price jumped over 54% in a span of eleven days, after which it faced rejection at $0.10851. Following this, the price had constantly experienced pump-an-dump in its value and traded between $0.08756 and $0.10851.

After multiple attempts, the price broke out of the range, but the rally was short-lived as it faced rejection at $0.1150. Following this, the price traded in a consolidated range between $0.10266 and $0.1150 for a while. Recently, the bulls lost momentum, resulting in the price breaking down its support level and has been trading sideways since.

TradingView: CHZ/USDT

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) displays a decline in the red histogram, indicating a rise in the buying pressure in the market. Further, the averages show a high possibility of a bullish convergence, suggesting the price will experience massive price action in the coming time.

If the market pushes the price above the resistance level of $0.10266, the bulls will regain power and the price will prepare to test its resistance level of $0.10851 soon. Maintaining the price at that level will set the stage for Chiliz coin to attempt to test its upper resistance level of $0.1150 this month.

Conversely, if the bears overpowered the bulls, CHZ price will lose momentum and fall to test its support level of $0.09595. Moreover, if the bears continue to dominate the market, it will further plunge and prepare to test its lower support level of $0.08756 in the coming weeks.

CHZ Price Prediction 2024

Chiliz holds the potential to stand strong in the case of extreme market fluctuations. The lion’s share of the asset is still held by whales at 68.81%, followed by retailers with a share of 16.85%. and then by investors with 14.34% of holdings. Moreover, the average tenure is 1.8 years. Collectively, it makes for a good long-term hold.

Successively, growing assistance from whales and retailers will push the price of CHZ to a new high of $0.178. Conversely, factors like emerging rivals and an ebbing stance could sink the price to the minimum price value of $0.0886. That said, constrained by a linear price projection, the average trading price might land at $0.133. 

Chiliz Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Chiliz Price Prediction 2025

The CHZ network would expand in pace with the growing entertainment and gaming sectors. This can bring in traction for a lot more traders and may lead the price to hit around the $0.225 mark.

In the event that the market collapses, the price may plunge and reach $0.154 by the end of 2025 however, if the coin survives with persistent investors, by giving tough competition to its competitors and rolling out constant developmental upgrades. Then, by the end of the term, the price of the Chiliz coin may reach $0.189.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2026

According to our analysts, the CHZ coin price prediction for the year 2026 could range between $0.201 to $0.287 and the average price of the Chiliz coin could be around $0.244.

CHZ Coin Price Prediction 2027

According to our analysts, Chiliz price for the year 2027 could range between $0.268 to $0.352 and the average price of CHZ could be around $0.310.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2028

According to our analysts, CHZ crypto prediction for the year 2028 could range between $0.324 to $0.417 and the average Chiliz coin price could be around $0.370.

CHZ Price Prediction 2029

According to our analysts, Chiliz’s forecast for the year 2029 could range between $0.400 to $0.506 and the average CHZ coin price could be around $0.453.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2030

According to our analysts, CHZ predictions for the year 2030 could range between $0.565 to $0.612 and the average price of Chiliz crypto could be around $0.588.

What Does The Market Say?

Firm Name20242025
Wallet Investor$0.0022$0.0029

*We have made a table that includes the possible price prediction for the same token made by other crypto analysts on their respective platforms. The targets mentioned above are the average targets set by the respective firms.

CoinPedia’s Chiliz Price Prediction

The constant upgrades and collaborations will give a boost to the price of Chiliz (CHZ). The expected expansion in the sports and entertainment industry in the near future would uplift the price action. According to CoinPedia’s own research on Chiliz price prediction, With bullish market sentiments, CHZ’s price may move upward to $0.178 by the end of 2024.

On the downside, future market fluctuations and increased competition may adversely affect Chiliz’s (CHZ) price. Which may result in the collapse of the coin’s price to $0.0886.

Fundamental Analysis

Chiliz was launched in 2012 as an integral part of Malta-based international sports and entertainment firm, Mediarex group. The blockchain gradually introduced the Socio.com platform and CHZ token in 2018. The protocol was soon listed across the majority of the crypto exchanges across the globe. Moreover, the platform holds main offices in France, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey. 

The project was the vision of Alexandre Dreyfus, who is the present CEO. The founder has accumulated knowledge of over 20 years in web-based tech firms. Prior to launching the Chiliz platform in 2017, he designed Webcity, an interactive travel guide. And two unique online poker products Winamax and Chilipoker. His aim was to fully distribute fan tokens as a better fan engagement tool and as a sturdy profit generation.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Chiliz

  • Supply and Demand: A spike in supply and demand can help surge the price of this coin to new highs.
  • Inflation of fiat currencies: Hyperinflation could drive people and governments towards Cryptocurrencies as an alternative.

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