Top Crypto Market-Making Companies for 2024

The crypto niche has experienced remarkable growth compared to previous years. Not only that, but the future also seems brighter as candlesticks keep forming an uptrend. With a staggering $2.37 trillion in market capitalization and $68.19 billion in daily trading activity, the bull run remains stronger, and new investors are joining in. While some traders are being brought on board due to FOMO (fear of missing out), others trade in an effort to make maximum profits from the opportunities presented in the market.

Meanwhile, all of this would not be possible without market makers. These firms provide everything needed to navigate the crypto market quickly and fairly, including liquidity, reliability, and flexibility.

As a middleman between traders – buyers and sellers, market makers make entry and exit of positions for traders possible in an easy way. In this article, we’ll make a list of leading crypto market makers as we approach the end of the second quarter of 2024:

CLS Global

CLS Global is a leading market maker dedicated to supporting cryptocurrency initiatives throughout its lifecycle. Ever since 2017, the firm has consistently delivered impacts, as seen by the success of its over 500 clients with more than 1 million holders. Having more than 100 exchange connections, the firm’s expertise has given its customers an organic volume increase of three times on average.

The platform provides specialized trade development solutions that optimize efficiency, liquidity, and clever strategies. CLS Global is dedicated to excellence, trust, and long-term success by applying the best strategies and technology at every level. It delivers predictable outcomes for projects at every stage of development. Additionally, CLS Global offers listing assistance, liquidity management, pricing control, volume management, treasury building, and anti-snipe protection. Other services offered by CLS Global include cryptocurrency marketing, consulting, and ventures.


Acheron Trading is an industry-focused technology partner that facilitates strategic expansion in the digital asset sector. It offers a wide range of solutions specifically designed to enhance the liquidity and transparency of digital assets. Having over five years of expertise, the team supports builders and innovators in the digital asset ecosystem by providing major market-making, designated market-making, and technology provider services. Acheron integrates all the elements needed to maintain maximum liquidity in the cryptocurrency market.


GSR is a seasoned market maker and multi-stage investor with ten years of experience in the cryptocurrency sector. The platform pledges to raise the standard and accessibility of cryptocurrency marketplaces. Through a long-term relationship strategy, the website offers excellent support and customized trading abilities to meet customers’ needs. Furthermore, GSR has extensive experience resolving difficult liquidity issues and forming trustworthy alliances with token issuers, exchanges, and institutions, which, through smart order execution, produces previously unheard-of levels of cryptocurrency liquidity and pricing.

Kairon Laboratories

Kairon Labs is a trusted service that offers liquidity solutions and bespoke trading techniques using its trading platform. The company has years of experience with notable financial institutions and provides market-making, exchange listing, intellectual property licensing, and advisory services. Additionally, Kairon Labs promotes low-risk and transparent trading with honesty and excitement.

DWF Laboratories

DWF Labs provides state-of-the-art market-making execution skills to boost volumes and supply liquidity for projects-as-service, and it is a multi-stage web3 investment firm operating on a global scale. Through its relationships with the top 60 exchanges and thousands of crypto asset pairs (spots and derivatives included), the team offers a high-touch, round-the-clock coverage service that can trade volumes and provide liquidity as required.

Other famous market creators are:

  • Flowdesk: An AI-powered automated trading platform that supports 140+ exchanges.
  • Innovative sector specialists: Gravity Team, Algoz, Antier Solutions, Jane Street, Virtu, and Keyrock.
  • Jump Trading: A Chicago-based derivatives liquidity provider.
  • Wintermute: An algorithmic liquidity expert.
  • Reform DAO: A decentralized market-making and investing platform that aligns with all stakeholders’ interests.

In Summary

Crypto market makers are essential in today’s trading environment. They have been remarkable over time, delivering liquidity, stability, and efficiency while constantly expanding the cryptocurrency market. Notable players include CLS Global, DWF Labs, Kairon Labs, GSR, and Acheron. These firms provide specialized services to support seamless trade and promote the long-term growth of the general crypto ecosystem.

As the bull run continues, their contributions are top-notch and will continue to shape the cryptocurrency niche as it travels to the moon.

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