Top Crypto Investors Selling Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) To Accumulate This

While the cryptocurrency market remains in a heightened state of frenzy, top traders and crypto enthusiasts are frantically searching for the next crypto coin with potential for explosive growth. With the emergence of Rollblock (RBLK), a new altcoin laden with impressive features, crypto whales are selling off their Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to accumulate this new altcoin.

Shiba Inu Token Succumbs To Bear Market Despite 180% Yearly Surge

Although starting as a dog-inspired meme, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token rose to immense heights, surpassing expectations and rewarding its buyers with incredible profits. 

With a market cap of over $14.5B, Shiba Inu intends to dominate the meme coin industry and the altcoin market

After witnessing a surge of over 180% in the last year, traders and crypto enthusiasts have trooped to the Shiba Inu’s SHIB network, looking for opportunities to cash out. Although the Shiba Inu price is only just recovering from the recent market downturn, the token has shown promise with analysts remaining highly optimistic for Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) growth. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Token Scalability-Centered Approach Ranks It Among Top Altcoin Project

Aside from its numerous features, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has stood out for its impressive performance in the altcoin market. In the last year, the token has witnessed a surge of over 280%, drawing the attention of traders and crypto enthusiasts in the market. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is particularly known for its scalability features, as it prioritizes the quick and effective execution of transactions. While its native BCH token has witnessed massive adoption across the altcoin market, it further boasts a market cap of over $9B, cementing its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) among top altcoins to buy this year. 

Rollblock (RBLK) Leverages Blockchain Technology To Boost Customer Loyalty

Rollblock (RBLK) has continued to make headlines since its emergence into the altcoin market. Its innovative technology has spurred it to excellence, attracting widespread attention especially from the blockchain gaming market. With its focus on the online gambling industry, Rollblock aims to fill the gap between the decentralized finance market and the casino world, eliminating issues regarding gambling and staking. 

Aiming to redefine traditional gambling methods, Rollblock leverages blockchain technology to provide solutions within the casino world. Its innovative technology focuses on customer loyalty, an important value in the gambling industry. Through its innovative platform, users can experience quick and secure transactions without the fear of losing assets.  

In its commitment to empower its users and token holders, Rollblock employs its profit-sharing mechanism which disburses up to 30% of the platform’s revenue to users on a weekly basis. This revenue share model features a token burn which sees 50% of the circulating supply eliminated, while the other 50% is used for staking rewards. Furthermore, Rollblock adopts a non-KYC requirement protocol which removes the hassle of registration on the platform. 

While the token is currently in its second presale stage, the RBLK token has witnessed an increase in price with the token selling for a current $0.012. With traders and enthusiasts currently accumulating the token at a massive rate, analysts are touting it to rise to become one of the top altcoins to buy

With Rollblock’s Current Trajectory, Can It Go As High As Shiba Inu and Bitcoin Cash Tokens?

While Rollblock continues to record milestones and surpass expectations, analysts are projecting a huge surge in the coming months. Furthermore, with traders and crypto enthusiasts trooping en masse to the token’s network, analysts and market experts are expecting Rollblock to be a top cryptocurrency in the altcoin market, perhaps surpassing the likes of Shiba Inu and Bitcoin Cash.

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