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Lately, the cryptocurrency market has mirrored the movement of Bitcoin, consolidating in a tight range over the last few weeks. However, Notcoin, Angry Pepe Fork, and Chilliz have been the exceptions to this rule, as they have recorded double-digit gains. Read on to find out why these are the top crypto coins soaring in the market this week.

Surging Trading Volume and Number of Users Fuel Notcoin (NOT) Rally

From a free Telegram mini-app game, Notcoin (NOT) has become one of the top altcoins in 2024. Notcoin has been on a strong uptrend following the 50% sharp decline it registered on its airdrop. One of the top factors that have contributed to the rising price of NOT one is its growing user base.

The Notcoin team recently announced that there are over 1.6 million on-chain holders, more than the likes of Pepe, Bonk, and Shiba Inu. In addition, the trading volume of Notcoin has seen a 390% increase as the DeFi project broke the $1 billion mark. These factors have helped Notcoin set a new all-time high of $0.0135 and could cause the altcoin price to increase even further.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) To Disrupt the Meme Coin Market

The recent upsurge of the meme coin market over the last few months has been one of crypto’s biggest trends, particularly helped by the emergence of Solana memecoins. Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is the latest addition to the list but is looking to disrupt the market with its utility and earning opportunities rather than just hype.

Angry Pepe Fork is on a mission to conquer other memecoins and become the number one. The DeFi project has introduced a unique Conquer to Earn mechanism that allows members of its community to earn additional rewards and $APORK tokens for their roles in helping Angry Pepe Fork conquer other meme coins on the blockchain.

Another reason why APORK is now one of the best cryptos to buy now is its superior tokenomics model. Angry Pepe Fork has gone with the fixed supply model, with a total supply of 1.9 billion $APORK tokens, to induce long-term scarcity and value appreciation.

The revolutionary new model of Angry Pepe Fork, coupled with its earning opportunities, has been tipped to help the project build one of the most active communities. As a result, $APORK stands a very good chance to become the next 100x Solana memecoin. Still priced at only $0.014 in its first presale stage, now is the best time to get involved with the new presale gem.

Chiliz (CHZ) Rallies To Six Weeks High Ahead of UEFA Finals

Of the top crypto coins, Chiliz (CHZ) has recorded one of the biggest gains over the last few weeks. Over the last seven days, the price of Chiliz coin has increased by more than 35%, surging to a six-week high of $0.165. The Chiliz price increase coincided with the buildup to the UEFA Champions League finals.

Another factor that has contributed to the rising altcoin price is massive whale accumulation. Data from Santiment showed that over 1.6 billion Chiliz tokens were bought by whales in the weeks leading up to the finals. As the reach of Chiliz increases in the sports industry, the price of CHZ could rise even further.

In Conclusion

Based on their recent performances, Notcoin, Angry Pepe Fork, and Chiliz are the best cryptos to buy now. However, the revolutionary ‘Conquer To Earn’ mechanism that Angry Pepe Fork has introduced gives it even bigger upside potential. As the project rises to the top of the pack, market experts believe $APORK can trade as high as $1 before the year ends.

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